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Fritz 12 clock settings disappearing upon booting game up
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Author:  vaporizer [ Mon May 11, 2015 2:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Fritz 12 clock settings disappearing upon booting game up

I have purchased Komodo8 for multiprocessors(for better or worse).It appears that it comes with the Fritz 12 interface.I have always used my Shredder 11 with my Fritz 7 interface,using mainly the Houndini engine.I'm still getting use to this newer Fritz 12 interface with many more bells and whistles.The problem I have which I never had using my shredder 11 is that whether I store my games(s) in memory or simply click off (x off)the game and reload it either from file memory or let it reappear again when I load Komodo8,it DOES NOT keep the actual time clock settings that was used up in my long corresp games vs another player coming back the next day to my game.So,I simply see 0.00 again on both sides,instead of say, 1:32 and 1:52.So,no time signature memory is kept and I have to plug in a new game time setting for EVERY MOVE.This is ridiculous and not desired.I never had this problem with Shredder 11.So what can I do(exactly) to be able to freeze the time settings on both sides of my Komodo 8 board when I place the game in memory or not and I reboot the game again?

Please do not respond to me with good guess's!I prefer to hear from actual Fritz 12 users,especially those who are using Komodo8 with the fritz 12 interface.This clock resetting thing I have to do every time I bring up the game again is something I am not accustomed to and I know this is not normal.

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