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 Post subject: Advice about the ipad 2?
PostPosted: Tue Jun 07, 2011 8:57 am 
Advice about the ipad 2?
I am looking into getting the ipad 2. Is it really worth the money? Or does it end up just being a glorified gadget? I've heard from friends that all they do on the ipad 2 is play games or watch movies. If this is the case then I really should hold out or find a way to try and get it for free! Let me know your thoughts.


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 Post subject: Re: Advice about the ipad 2?
PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2011 9:21 am 
I too have been looking at tablets. The prices are coming down. There is also all these new operating systems like the Android. The ipad has a bunch of competition now.

It is more of a want than a need. When you can get a laptop now for under $300 new, it is hard to go the $500 spend on a tablet unless you really have a good use for it. I would use mine for an ebook reader. I like the idea of a 10 inch screen. Is it needed? No, I have a Kindle (I love my Kindle), so I am in no hurry. I would rather watch movies on a big screen TV than a 10 inch ipad!

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 Post subject: Re: Advice about the ipad 2?
PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2011 11:11 am 
Caissa wrote:
I have a Kindle (I love my Kindle)

I bought my wife a Kindle last Xmas and she loved it! Probably the best present I've bought her! :)

We've tried out the iPad, but it's hard to see what we'd use it for. That, and the fact that it can't play a lot of videos because it doesn't have Flash, is a deal breaker.

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 Post subject: Re: Advice about the ipad 2?
PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2011 2:48 pm 
A slick device, no doubt. It works great, intuitive and it easily passes the two-year-old test: toddlers understand operation in less than a minute. I'd wish all computers were that user friendly as Apple's creations, but alas.

It lacks flash support, which some people say is typical for Apple to make a decision like that. But I think they jumped the shark by leaving flash out. It's like offering a car without the possibility to drive to half the destinations you would like to drive to. It's plain stupid.

Most people I know have an iPad 1 (which is quite heavy compared to the 2) and use it as a reading device. It gives you the possibility to read in low lit environments (like when your husband wants to sleep and you want to read :) ) but it won't help you in the sun. Like with other backlit devices it's a big no-no.

For reading I agree with both Caissa and SonOfPearl: the best purchase ever was my Kindle; I have a Kindle 3 with WiFi only. It's really great. Together with a program like Calibre you can convert a lot of (non-DRM) books to the Kindle format without losing the original format of the content. Besides, you can buy a Kindle for $139, and rumours are the price will go down to <$100 in the near future. It's a bargain. Not so for the iPad 2.
I often stand staring at Apple products, like a MacBook Air and almost decide to buy one next to my Windows horror laptops and desktop. Almost, that is. Because of that price tag: this is not something you buy as a "something extra" unless you won the lottery and you bought it together with your new bungalow in Saint Tropez.

When it comes to playing chess on a tablet the choice is obvious, although I have no idea what chess programs are available for iPad nor for other tablets. If compatibility is an issue, I would put my money on an Android device. Samsumg will have a new 10" tablet shortly with Android 3.0. I have a Samsung Galaxy S phone, and I notice that the Apple app store starts lagging behind: more and more developers are choosing for Android devices. First I couldn't buy or download a lot of apps for my Galaxy on the market, but now I more often than ever hear iPhone people asking me if I know there's an "app like that" in the App-store.

And it has Flash support on board. :)

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 Post subject: Re: Advice about the ipad 2?
PostPosted: Sun Sep 07, 2014 2:22 pm 
it is awesome , but making a comparison between ipad and android, there are no differences only "the price"

good luck

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