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 Post subject: This is my game.
PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2011 11:03 am 
[Event "Computer chess game"]
[Site "TARA"]
[Date "2011.03.30"]
[Round "?"]
[White "Taraherbalife"]
[Black "Houdini_15a_x64"]
[Result "1-0"]
[BlackElo "2200"]
[ECO "C44"]
[Opening "Open Game"]
[Time "11:32:06"]
[Variation "Inverted Hanham"]
[WhiteElo "2400"]
[TimeControl "30+1"]
[Termination "normal"]
[PlyCount "33"]
[WhiteType "human"]
[BlackType "program"]

1. d3 Nc6 {(Nb8-c6 e2-e4 e7-e5 Ng1-f3 Ng8-f6 Bf1-e2 d7-d5 e4xd5 Nf6xd5 O-O
Bf8-d6 Nb1-c3 Nd5xc3 b2xc3 O-O Ra1-b1 h7-h6 h2-h3 b7-b6 d3-d4 e5-e4)
+0.14/16 1} 2. Bd2 Nf6 {(Ng8-f6 Ng1-f3 e7-e5 c2-c4 Bf8-c5 a2-a3 O-O b2-b4
Bc5-e7 e2-e3 d7-d6 b4-b5 e5-e4 d3xe4 Nc6-e5 Nb1-c3 Bc8-e6 Nf3xe5 d6xe5)
+0.32/16 1} 3. Nc3 d5 {(d7-d5 Ng1-f3 e7-e5 e2-e3 Bf8-c5 Nf3xe5 Nc6xe5 d3-d4
Bc5-d6 d4xe5 Bd6xe5 Bf1-d3 O-O O-O c7-c6 h2-h3 Qd8-c7 f2-f4 Be5-d6 Qd1-f3
Bc8-e6 Nc3-e2 Rf8-e8) +0.32/17 3} 4. e4 d4 {(d5-d4 Nc3-e2 e7-e5 Ng1-f3
h7-h6 Ne2-g3 Bc8-e6 Bf1-e2 Bf8-c5 O-O O-O b2-b4 Bc5-d6 Ng3-f5 Qd8-d7 b4-b5
Be6xf5 e4xf5) +0.36/16 1} 5. Nce2 e5 {(e7-e5 Ng1-f3 Bc8-e6 c2-c3 d4xc3
Ne2xc3 Bf8-c5 Bf1-e2 O-O O-O Qd8-e7 Bd2-e3 Ra8-d8 Nf3-g5 Nc6-d4 Ng5xe6
Qe7xe6 Nc3-b5 Nd4xe2+ Qd1xe2) +0.37/16 1} 6. h3 Bc5 {(Bf8-c5 Ng1-f3 O-O
Ne2-g3 Bc8-e6 Bf1-e2 h7-h6 O-O Qd8-d7 c2-c4 Bc5-d6 Qd1-a4 a7-a6 a2-a3
Ra8-d8 Qa4-c2) +0.33/16 1} 7. Nf3 O-O {(O-O Ne2-g3 Bc8-e6 Bf1-e2 h7-h6 O-O
a7-a5 c2-c3 Qd8-d7 Ra1-c1 Bc5-d6 Qd1-c2 Be6xa2 Ng3-f5 d4xc3 b2xc3 Ba2-e6
Rc1-b1) +0.32/16 1} 8. Ng3 h6 {(h7-h6 Bf1-e2 Bc8-e6 c2-c4 a7-a5 Qd1-a4
Qd8-d6 a2-a3 b7-b6 O-O Nc6-e7 Qa4-c2 Be6-d7 Ra1-d1 Ra8-d8 b2-b4 a5xb4
a3xb4) +0.36/16 1} 9. Be2 a5 {(a7-a5 O-O Bc8-e6 c2-c3 Qd8-d7 Qd1-a4 d4xc3
Bd2xc3 Rf8-e8 b2-b3 Nc6-d4 Qa4xd7 Nf6xd7 Ra1-c1 Nd4xe2+ Ng3xe2 Bc5-d6 d3-d4
e5xd4 Bc3xd4) +0.29/15 2} 10. Qc1 a4 {(a5-a4 a2-a3 b7-b6 O-O Bc8-e6 c2-c4
Qd8-c8 Qc1-c2 Qc8-d7 Nf3-h4 Nc6-e7 Nh4-f3 Ne7-g6 Ra1-c1 c7-c6) +0.35/15 3}
11. Bxh6 gxh6 {(g7xh6 Qc1xh6 a4-a3 b2xa3 Rf8-e8 O-O Nf6-h7 Qh6-h5 Ra8xa3
Ng3-f5 Qd8-f6 Nf3-h4 Ra3-c3 Nf5-h6+ Kg8-f8 Nh4-f5 Bc8xf5 Nh6xf5 Rc3xc2
Ra1-b1) +1.83/14 1} 12. Qxh6 a3 {(a4-a3 b2xa3 Rf8-e8 Qh6-g5+ Kg8-f8 O-O
Ra8xa3 Rf1-b1 Ra3-c3 Qg5-h6+ Kf8-g8 Be2-d1 Nf6-h7 Rb1-b3 Bc5-b4 Qh6-h5
Qd8-d6 Ng3-f5 Bc8xf5 Qh5xf5 b7-b5 Qf5-g4+ Qd6-g6) +1.51/16 6} 13. Ng5 Bb4+
{(Bc5-b4+ Ke1-d1 a3xb2 Ra1-b1 Bb4-c5 Rb1xb2 b7-b5 Rb2xb5 Nc6-b8 Rb5xc5
Ra8xa2 Be2-h5 Ra2-a1+ Kd1-d2 Ra1xh1 Ng3xh1) -3.25/10 4} 14. c3 dxc3 {(d4xc3
b2xa3 c3-c2+ a3xb4 Qd8-d6 O-O c2-c1N Rf1xc1 Nc6-d4 Ng5-f3 Nd4xf3+ Be2xf3
Ra8-a3 Qh6-g5+ Kg8-h7 Rc1-c5 Rf8-d8 Bf3-e2 Rd8-e8 Ra1-c1 c7-c6) -5.18/11 3}
15. O-O Qxd3 {(Qd8xd3 Ng3-h5 Nc6-d4 Nh5xf6+) -M2/11 1} 16. Nh5 Nd4 {(Nc6-d4
Nh5xf6+) -M1/12 0} 17. Qg7# 1-0

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