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Author:  kvaloile [ Tue Nov 30, 2010 7:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Study - Discussion - Analysis

Hello, good afternoon to this community.
Pleasure, I'm Rogério. And São Luís is my hometown. My State´s Maranhão and I´m brazilian. But acept contact of others languages too.
I come to propose that all those interested from now on to study a permanent dialogue, debate and analysis on the chess game for another and I can have this space to put into practice my project which is great for everyone. To expose so much that I like to start playing when the white because I love the 1.d4 gambit Blackmar accepted or rejected and when I'm going to black Charlick Englund gambit accepted or declined (1.d4 e5) and one against the other ... . c5. Even if you play at least one like mine on your first move, then we can work with. And I would acept what all the messages did have my email how box to receiv the your answer. ( ). Greetings and see you soon. :?

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