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 Forum: King's Pawn (1.e4)   Topic: Giuoco Piano / Giuoco Pianissimo

Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2003 4:35 pm 

Replies: 9
Views: 7825

Hey, what's the big difference between these two openings? Pianissimo is 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 4.Bb4 Bc5 5.c3, I understand tat coz you can go d4 next but how about piano?? 5.d3? I dun see much point in that If you try 4. Bb4 against an opponent you won't be playing him very long :) But OTOH it's a goo...

 Forum: Chess Database Management   Topic: Installing a Database

 Post subject: Re: Installing a Database
Posted: Mon Sep 08, 2003 9:30 pm 

Replies: 3
Views: 3460

I received a "premium" database around noon yesterday and spent several hours following the instructions from this link: How to Install a Chess CD such as copying all the CD files onto my hard drive into a special folder as recommended. Tried to download Chess Light. Updated my Winzip program, and ...

 Forum: Endgame   Topic: Endgame books

 Post subject: Re: Endgame books
Posted: Mon Sep 08, 2003 3:21 pm 

Replies: 19
Views: 18790

Hey everyone - After years of being a complete scrub I have decided to start working on my game like everyone tells me I should. I am especially deficient in endgame play, but every time I try to study from an endgame book I immediately pass out - it's like English class. Does anyone know of a good...

 Forum: Getting Started   Topic: In Passing

 Post subject: Re: In Passing
Posted: Mon Sep 08, 2003 2:36 am 

Replies: 6
Views: 6413

So what is this "en passant" deal, and how do you do it? I've never even heard of it...sorry :oops: Here you can read the FIDE Laws of chess . It might be helpful to print it out and run through it to see if you master all moves and rules. The description of the move is always more tricky than the ...

 Forum: General Discussion   Topic: How about walking before you start to crawl?

Posted: Mon Sep 08, 2003 2:09 am 

Replies: 12
Views: 10402

It's not my habit to promote other places from a forum where the discussion really should take place, but the story is a bit long and I wrote it out here: It's about *my* obsession with people's obsession to walk before they started to craw...

 Forum: Handheld Chess   Topic: THE Ultimate Mobile Game: Chess! - Pocket PC Thoughts

Posted: Sat Sep 06, 2003 1:11 am 

Replies: 12
Views: 12966

A review by me of Pocket ChessPartner here might be interesting as well for those with PPC.

All the best,

 Forum: Chess Database Management   Topic: Database Optimization

Posted: Sat Sep 06, 2003 12:55 am 

Replies: 32
Views: 16895

Do you know if something like that can be scripted with perl or vb? It depends on the database format you're using. Normalizing PGN is possible with programs that can be found here: and even better: http://pgn&#...

 Forum: Chess Playing Software   Topic: Junior 8 and Hyper Threading

Posted: Fri Sep 05, 2003 2:35 am 

Replies: 10
Views: 7589

Oh that Deep Sjeng looks good! How does it rate against the other engines? Can you give us a personal evaluation? I am always interested in chess playing software that is "far from the maddening crowd". Thanks for the heads up! Sometimes I let it play on the ChessBase server ( and wit...

 Forum: Chess Training Software   Topic: chess training software

 Post subject: Re: chess training software
Posted: Thu Sep 04, 2003 10:07 pm 

Replies: 6
Views: 5973

Tactics, grasshopper :!: And I see that another Kamikaze has arrived at the Exchange! :D Good to see you, Jeroen! Steve! What happened? :twisted: Looking at your picture you must have seriously cut down on the BBQ's :!: BTW We'll close down the summer season coming Sunday with a family barbecue. I ...

 Forum: Chess Playing Software   Topic: Junior 8 and Hyper Threading

Posted: Thu Sep 04, 2003 9:56 pm 

Replies: 10
Views: 7589

ChessCentral wrote:
Hello Lovely Caissa!

No Deep engine will support hyperthreading systems.

Deep Sjeng does.

 Forum: Chess Training Software   Topic: chess training software

 Post subject: Re: chess training software
Posted: Thu Sep 04, 2003 12:51 am 

Replies: 6
Views: 5973

what training software do you recomend to improve my overall game(opening,middle game,and end game. thank you. Tactics, grasshopper :!: In addition: CT-Art 3.0 by Convekta . Some time on the market now, but still quite good. also the makers of Chess Assistant. Two books I especial...
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